near 26th and ethel ave

as a kid, i remember running around our 2 acre yard with sticks, building forts and throwing rocks.  my brothers and i would ride down our drive way in a make shift box car (which was really the cart we used for our trash cans).  i remember being dirty and hot.

lately, i've been finishing my runs by jumping into the apartment pool- i know it's gross.  recently, i climbed out of the pool and caught a glimpse of the treadmill just inside the fitness center.

when i was in seminary, my more enlightening moments were actually on craig's front porch.  sitting in a wooden chair that leaned too far back, we (a relatively exclusive hodgepodge of hippies) watched the local fanfare roll by.  here, i learned to do all things you're supposed to do in seminary- an education indeed.

my "american dream" is to have a wooden back porch, not a picket fence.

maybe you design web programs that make the world go-round.  maybe you're an artist.  maybe you have severe allergies.  maybe i'm wrong, biassed, or just projecting a side of myself that i think is cool.  maybe now that i've had an 8 to 5 for a few months, im sick of sterile containers.

i prefer to spend some time outside.  much of history has occurred here.  life and natural, to me, seem to connect quicker in unfiltered air.  sadly, i'm at a desk, inside, looking out the window. (insert sub-text)


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