our sun also casts a shadow
the earth is neither fast nor slow
orbit, revolve and remain seated
on a bike through a path over hills
we cannot complete a single loop

life is slow
moments are dynamite
family is loving chaos
abject fear and existential peace can rise together

a tall tale

one of my bucket list locations is kodiak island in alaska.  since we were young boys playing in the creek outside of our house hunting snakes with sticks, catching fish with spit, and building forts in sideways trees.

kodiak and the surrounding islands is where the last, real america is.
my younger, larger, stronger brother was there for a summer with the united states coast guard.  but i'm the one writing this, so obviously i'm more clever.
it's not an easy place to get to. and i don't mean that because we live on the east coast.  once you get to the pacific northwest, it is still an adventure just to get to kodiak. an airline, a small plane, and a ferry ride. i'm there.  2.63 of my 10 day vacation spent on travel there and back.
the first few hours at the port, and brother has told me everything there is to know about kodiak.  and the things i don't want to know.
good news:  brother has to work in the afternoon of the next day, and i can borrow a dingy from…

eric mertens

Eric Mertens Celebration of Life
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live.”
I have never read that verse at a funeral.And in most instances, I would say that it is boarder line inappropriate.Why would you tell people who are mourning to be “joyful always?”
Here’s why I think that it’s okay to break the rule of thumb.I believe that Eric Mertens, like all people was created in the image of God.This is what the Bible tells us in the very beginning.Among other things, I find our God to be rather clever and sometimes, down right ironic.Like many who truly suffer, I experienced Eric to be a joyful person.He was as playful as a toddler, and at times, as awkward as a puppy.This, I believe is a reflection of God.Our God suffered on the cross, yet remained without hate.Eric who indeed endured, reflects the joy of the creator.
I am more of a Colbert, Conan or Fallon-…


white, wet powder brings a capitol
to pause. 3 days of education   at the mall   home   and on the very streets of icy peril.
lights are doubled in the dark. shoes break the bearier. those with garages live large.

newton gravity

i was asked to share regarding a pair running shoes i picked up nearly a year ago. i'm all about pleasing the people.

after a couple years of running, here are a few of my shoe observations:

shoes and injury are siblings. and if you spent time in arkansas (or in west virginia for my rva friends), you know how special the sibling relationship can really be.running shoes have a shelf life, rather a half-life.  you can run x00 miles in a pair before you hang them up, but they are still good to do stuff. but shoes, like people, can loose that loving feeling.things and shoes cost money. i realize that many people are not into the pay to run thing. all good. i'm down with fiscal responsibility, fewer regulations and the gospel.neon colors are totally in right now. it's safe; it's fun; it's a reminder that the 80's were really on to something.
patches o'houlihan said running is all about: sweat, water, salt, bananas. and sweat.

cracked sidewalks, arched roads and t…

fruits & veges

i recently inserted myself into a conversation- turning the attention to the (im)morality of natural state mega-store. or was it to myself? irony defined.

im a fool. not for my ideals, but because i scarred sacred dinner with words more fit for pubs than friends. my apologies. the lasagna was actually fantastic.
ive drank much- from the well of wendell, but ive had little from his table. ive romanticized the farmer, the worker and my own mind.
goliath still wrong. but im not david nor a smooth stone. keep your head down man. work. listen. breathe and please don't talk. instead enjoy seconds.
for the joy comes in the morning.