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speeds accelerate. chaos swirls all around me. yet i am guilty, for i am at peace.
i think.


weekday mornings i dread.    my phone-alarm vibrates, and my wife roles over away from me.    i don’t want to go to work – i don’t want to study. coffee. as i shower, the grounds brew in hot water. the day ahead seems more manageable when i’m standing,    when i’m reading    when i reach my third cup. weekends I set no alarm, but i sleep no longer. i can’t.  i awake. no shower, just coffee. i sit. i enjoy, nothing.

legal pad?

in past lives, i spend a buck or two on paper- journals and such.  oddly enough, i prefer a legal pad- yellow, although white will do.  i could go on as to my developed preference... 
the following ramblings will be various excerpts from my legal pad of sorts.