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brother's parabolah

father had two sons

eldest was success, family and simplicity.

younger was wayward, debt and visionary.

when mother died, the eldest son gave generously to the father. all of father's needs were accounted for by the elder.

eventually, the elder discovered that father kept none of the gifts for himself. rather, father gave the gifts from elder son directly to the younger.

elder was frustrated.
   with father,
   with younger,
   with mother.

father died. the younger quickly received all of the father's assets. and when the estate was finally and completely settled, the elder received only a tattered, sealed letter, written in the hand of the father. the letter was dated long before the father's death, and it read:

"elder, thank you."

father was wasteful. but elder's heart was warmed.

and now, from time to time, the elder gives also to his-   brother.