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for hannah

your mother's care
your father's joy.
grandparents' pride
an aunt's tears
an uncle's hopes.

life. breath.
cries for milk
a beating heart.

these gifts, eternal.
this life, spiritual.
thank you- better yet,
bless you.
i think therefore i know; i know therefore i win. my thoughts compete    with myself    with my actions    with you. always running, rarely in offseason. stop


there is a moment- some mornings.
   often fleeting,
   seldom lasting.
and just for a blink,
my mind forgets the rush.
for a breath or two,
   sipping coffee,
   pouring cereal,
i rest.
no longer in bed,
the news doesn't broadcast here.
wireless has no reception.
sit. wait. regardless.
the chaos cometh.