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seasons one

mid-october, mild bundles
  even inside.
the man from chicago, laughs.
while the east texan, first shivers.
the trees, hardly orange.
the earth, still warm.
taking longer showers
already, i plan my layers.

but in a few weeks
when dried fallen leaves
line entry ways,
and my coats only make
short, outdoor commutes,

cold becomes comfortable.

simon cowell and creation

i don't find the big bang theory right or wrong because of any scientific evidence.  i could care less as to what may or may not be empirical. the beginning of the universe, in the christian scriptures, was sparked out of spoken poetry.  i believe in a resounding bang when it comes to good writing.  the big bang theory doesn't discount poetry.

here's where simon cowell and i disagree.  american idol winners and x factor contestants are largely not song writers.  by my definition then, these shows advocate an industry that has little to do with music.  this phenomenon is lacking in bang.

there is a world of beautiful poetry out there.  and generally, an eleven year old girl has not lived enough to know about it, to write it, to embody it.  a teen sensation looking for a record deal has misplaced pen, paper and harmonica.

a (former) alcoholic, who struggled for years to make it on the road, writes actual music.  a black jamaican man sings redemption song a little bit sweete…

the big event?

oddly unmemorable.
i've come to prefer
   the quiet
   the slow
   the calm.
i believe in the movement,
most days.
the wonderful let down
reminds me
of my place.
and repeat.

a personal preference

smart phones weren't smart enough when i was in high school to be much of a distraction.  if a cell phone rang in class, it was because a friend was trying to prank you.  my parents were the only other people who would have called me.  now of course, cell phones don't ring anyways. at least, not because of an incoming call.
in college, i truly learned the beauty of wireless internet.  now, i have little patience for slow web browsing.  this is my legal pad or sorts.  yet, im no wendell berry.  i enjoy electricity too much to follow through with any conviction or sacrifice.
im not much of a rule follower; nor much of a rebel.  my interpersonal relations with authority are just as jumbled as yours.  so this is not my exception to the rule.  but i think this moment allows for my honesty.
my behavior indicates that i think you are wrong; and i am right.  for years i supported my position in quiet giving little objection.  maybe it was right for you, and different for me.  most recent…