newton gravity

i was asked to share regarding a pair running shoes i picked up nearly a year ago. i'm all about pleasing the people.

after a couple years of running, here are a few of my shoe observations:

  • shoes and injury are siblings. and if you spent time in arkansas (or in west virginia for my rva friends), you know how special the sibling relationship can really be.
  • running shoes have a shelf life, rather a half-life.  you can run x00 miles in a pair before you hang them up, but they are still good to do stuff. but shoes, like people, can loose that loving feeling.
  • things and shoes cost money. i realize that many people are not into the pay to run thing. all good. i'm down with fiscal responsibility, fewer regulations and the gospel.
  • neon colors are totally in right now. it's safe; it's fun; it's a reminder that the 80's were really on to something.

patches o'houlihan said running is all about: sweat, water, salt, bananas. and sweat.

cracked sidewalks, arched roads and trails tattooed with roots are a runner's red carpet. stride after stride, mile after mile, each step is a pounding. and yes i've seen the hippies who don't wear shoes, and the 5 finger excuse for a shoe.

i'm aware that this wasn't what the people had in mind…

actual comments about the shoe include:

neutral, minimalistic. mechanics and hikers know what i'm talking bout.

the most distinguishing feature of this ride is not the awkward mcdonald's colors; it's the midfoot pop platform. supposedly, this keeps you forward and hopefully fast. for me, it took some getting used to. as a result i actually hate walking in these shoes, but irony is so hip right now- so i do it anyways. ultimately, the platform has been helpful to my form, or the lack there of.

overall, these are a great trainer and race option. light and firm- still talking about shoes here team. but i didn't run these exclusively.  these are not built for single track. there are days when i need more support. for me rotation is key. hashtag share the love.


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