i have a dream

i have a dream- an awake dream.  i have it most mornings as i back out of my parking space and head off.  in this vision, i knock into the car behind me that belongs to one of my many neighbors.  what follows in the dream, is a linear sequence of events in which my relationship with my neighbor self destructs.  i  move, and he in turn unfriends me on facebook.

today, i find myself in closer proximity to children than previous life stages. somewhat naturally right? well, one thing that i am beginning to notice, is how creative these little collections of cells are.  they seem to always dream-awake.  the intuition of my two year old nephew regularly exceeds my rational expectations for him.  his energy rivals chernobyl.  his playfulness- instinctual.

mlk jr had a dream- an awake dream.  he may or may not have worded it that way.  part of what separates his dream from mine is not only liberation, but imagination.  he named the darkness in a sea of seeming white.  it was child-like creativity that gave life in the adult order.

i believe in the resurrection of jesus.  and so i wonder if life from death is an awake dream too?  is resurrection impossible, or has my artistry been fading through the years?  regardless, i hope to un-learn some adulthood and remember how to dream, to play- to imagine wastefully.


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