rest step

i took a mickey mouse class my final semester of college, "bird watching and backpacking."

the granola taught about bird calls and minimalisms. i didn't set out to learn anything. i took the class to chill:  name some birds, walk around in the woods. easy a.

years later when i was deep in the desert wilderness of big bend national park, i  remembered a classroom point that i had perviously ignored and discredited. the final few miles included a lengthy climb, and  my lack of fitness and spirit compounded.

rest step.

i had not practiced, so mine were quite lacking in coordination. at least my mind was distracted from exhaustion. but the idea is to step, in ryhthm, with a slight-slow, pause. regardless, i made it back fine, and we got a hotel that night.

rest requires form. discipline. and contrary to popular belief, it can happen in motion. i believe that rest exists in the created order. that even though the earth is continuosly spinning, in ryhthm, it rests. everything must rest.

now practice. not waiting. i rest, step.


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